Towards the end of year 2016 I came back from China and moved into Barcelona to start my experience as Wudang Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor. After those years in the temple the process of returning to the city has been an interesting and fruitful experience.

Here in Barcelona I met a new set of challenges many of which I didn’t expect and and in this situation I could appreciate how the practice worked as a tool allowed me to keep more clearness in the confusion.

In this moment society has to face at the same time countless challenges about many different issues.
The extreme variety of ideas that exists now in the word offers continuously occasions to open ones thoughts in the effort of embracing with his understanding all their reasons and consequences.
I believe it is important to deeply understand the contradictions of our society and to be able to summarize and order the immense amount of information we digest every day.
Besides,while trying to figure out what is good, one has to make choices and to apply his beliefs in real life.

In this process I experienced an increased feeling of heaviness and resistance since I came back to life in the city, this is a feeling that I remember being particularly strong in my life when I was teenager, when the obstacles I encountered seemed unsolvable and my mind was so confused that I was totally paralyzed in my actions.

This kind of formless weight affects all of us in some measure it can be denser in areas where people are exposed to more problems, lack of time, drama, and powerlessness.
This situation is also related to a general state of confusion where the emotion/ thought collective field is messy and not universally directed toward the solution of the problems of self and community.
Instead a lot of the intent is dispersed toward counterproductive and self destructive aims and in unempowering mental habits which are encouraged by the system itself.

For this reason it is of great importance that one manages to clear as much as possible his own confusion and self destructive/unproductive thoughts so that he can see what is the right thing to do in every situation and have the strength to do it.

Many feel disappointment for the contradictions of our society and of humanity to the point they do not believe in the achivability of any substantial improvement but i believe that even in the great crisis that we are facing there is still place for hope.

From society are emerging many positive ideas and solutions that may have a huge impact;
in fields as natural medicine, nutrition, philosophy, environment, energy, free information, human rights, humanitarian help and others there is continuously increasing interest and progress.

Many of this positive signals are now still in the form of seeds which need time and nourishment to sprout.

I belive it is important is this phase to be patient and still do what we can do in the limit of our possibilities even if it feels small or insignificant and most of all to establish connections between people and between ideas.

In fact none of the answers from one of those fields alone can be the solution to world problems but only an integration of many aspects can provide a concrete alternative life and society.
Besides even in a single field of progress there is strong need to come to an understanding, valorizing our differences instead of allowing them to separate us completely, and to work together toward common goals from a common ground, moving from competition to collaboration.


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