How can working with energy change your life?

I remember when I was 18, I started to practice tai chi and in the first classes and, doing standing meditation posture, I could feel for the first time the feeling of magnetic force between my hands.

This blew me away because it was not just an idea that people speak about but it is something that we can see and touch!

And so my question was: how is it possible that nobody speaks about this.

This is something so big and yet we pretend it doesn’t exist, it could have such a big impact on our lives and on the way we perceive reality and yet we ridicule people who speak about it, and kids grow up being told that this is not real.

The next year, after I finished high school, I went for the first time to China to learn more about energy work and about this philosophy.

When I arrived, I was very deceived to discover that even there it was not so easy to find what I was looking for, but as I kept on searching, I eventually found people who could teach me more about energy.

Here I started to learn ways to work actively with this force, to move it in and out of the body and this was another level compared to what I experienced before, I could feel It more but I also started to realize how this could influence my body.

How we can sink in deeper in our body and gain deeper understanding of our blockages, imbalances, and learn to harmonize them.

In Chinese medicine they say If there is free flow, there is no pain; if there is pain, there is no flow.

But it was only years later when I got to the Five Immortals temple when I started to understand that this had a huge potential to change my life.

In there I started to dedicate a lot of time contemplating the energy quality of natural elements and realizing how much we can learn from them.

Like when we make friends, the more time we spend hanging out with them the more we learn to understand the deeper layers of their personality.

This ability is so simple and obvious and is something we do all the time, when we experience something or we think about it we have a certain feeling about it.

To get deeper in that feeling requires to be able to increase the intensity of our observation and also to get our own thoughts and opinions about it out of the way as much as possible.

This practice opens a whole new level of perception to us.

The more we practice this the more when we see a flower, we will be able to not only see it but also feel it more and more.

It is like perceiving reality at a deeper level, or like establishing a connection that goes beyond language with everything around us.

But how can this affect our lives?

This can make a massive difference in our life in so many different ways, but the ones that I would like to bring attention to today is how this ability can affect our perception of ourselves.

We can explore our own energy field and gain the ability to change the quality of its vibration.

Our energy field results from our physical condition, our thoughts, our emotions and those are influenced by our past or better said the way we have interpreted past events (consciously and unconsciously).  This results in certain energetical qualities and patterns that then reflect in attitudes.

Looking deeply, we can understand more about the qualities present in our field and then simply bring in more of the qualities that we feel would be relevant for us or reduce certain qualities that are counterproductive or that we don’t like.

Working on our energy field can help us to individuate and change our limiting thinking pattern and also to take the correct action in the outside world.

Not only this ability can help us to understand and change our character but, at an even deeper level, it can help us to connect with what we more deeply are.

This is done in many ways in many different spiritual traditions: by creating more silence in the mind, by returning to the center of our physical body or by looking inside to find who I am.

All those ways of investigation bring us down deeper in the being that we are and access a greater and greater sense of presence, beingness, silence, wisdom, love, eternity, and so many other qualities that the sages from all times have been describing.

The deeper we enter the more we connect to even more original and essential levels of our being which are related to increasingly more unlimited and pure expression of the infinite.

Connecting to this we can learn more and more about the limitless potential we have inside and learn to integrate it more and more in our energy field, in our thoughts and in our actions.


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