How to improve your relationships with QI GONG ?

How to cultivate healthy and enriching relations with others?

The practice of Qi Gong can be a great tool to help us individuate the negative patterns in our relationships that drain our energy and limit our growth.

With this knowledge, we can understand the lessons that are hidden behind our conflicts and use them as a stepping stone to transform ourselves and create amazing relationships.

Our relations have a huge impact on our field and, where negative, can drain our energy and limit our growth.

With every open conflict it is like if a part of us is continuously stuck in that reality.

This not only happens in the case of people that we want to or have already separated from but also in the case of the people that are closer to us and that we love the most.

For this reason, the first phase of the healing process implies looking in ourselves to understand the nature of the traumas that affect us.

So many times, we give to others the power to determinate our worth, to tell us what we can or cannot do and to limit us with their judgment.

On the other side, we tend to be unable to accept others for how they are and to believe that we know better than them what they should do.

The second phase of this healing practice is visualizing to give back the energy and the freedom to the other person and take back our own.

We imagine accepting the other person for what he/she is, wishing them to continue growing in their own unique way and expressing more and more the beauty they have inside. We imagine giving them love and human respect. In the same way we imagine ourselves being free, being able to step beyond this trauma and entering in a new, more empowered paradigm.

In this phase we are often blocked by the idea that if we forgive the other person we are accepting and justifying his/her actions, but this is not necessarily true. In life it is important to draw lines and say no to certain things, we can still disagree with someone’s behavior and decide that we want to maintain distance from them, while still loving and forgiving them.

The third phase of this process is to understand the learning content that is accessible to us thanks to this experience.

All the traumas in our emotional field hold the possibility for great spiritual growth.

A powerful tool to manifest this transformation is to enter in meditation and visualize that version of ourselves that has already taken the learning from this experience, once we connect with this image we can observe which qualities it has that we do not possess yet: is it more compassionate, is it wiser, is it more self-confident and empowered?

Once we are able to see that version of ourselves and to appreciate its qualities, we practice integrating them in our own field, and we set the intention to cultivate those qualities in a stable and consistent way in our self and in our actions.

To summarize, we propose here three practices to heal our relations:

1. Looking inside to observe the nature of the trauma

2. Giving/taking back the energy and freedom

3. Connecting with the qualities we are required to learn and integrating them

Appling those methods we will be able to accelerate our growth and cultivate relations that are enriching and fulfilling.


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