Qi gong (which can be translated as: energy work or energy skill) is an ancient Chinese practice that uses our breath, movements with the body and visualization techniques to actively work with our energy field.

But what does energy work actually mean?

For this we need to talk first about our energy field.

Our field is an expression of all the levels of our being in the energy that surrounds us:

This includes our physical state, our emotional and also our mental state.

So, in any different moment, our field will be reflecting our particular state in that moment and this includes what we are thinking and what we are feeling physically and emotionally.

But the expression of our field is not only the result of what we are experiencing in that moment but also of all the elements that are present “in the background” as for example our beliefs, our memories, our emotional patterns and in general everything that defines us in a certain way, even if we are not thinking it in that moment, will still influence our energetical expression.


Qi Gong is that practice that aims at improving the quality of our energy field and consequentially have a positive effect on all the levels of our being.

This includes:

  • Improving our physical health and longevity
  • Opening and harmonizing our emotional body
  • Improving our sense of clarity and focus

The work on our energy field is done in many different ways:

  1. Increasing the flow of energy, doing so we reduce the stagnation that causes disharmony. When our energy can flow properly our system will be able to re-balance itself and find a more optimal state.
  2. Intensifying the strength of our energy field to be less easy influenceable from negative external factors and more able to express our potential
  3. Make a qualitative work, observing the qualities of our energy field and learn to expel the energy qualities that are damaging us and to gather more of the energy qualities that are beneficial for us.


This process implies observing the various elements (thoughts, beliefs, emotional patterns, physical patterns et cetera) that compose our field and learning how to transform them when they are not beneficial for the optimal expression of our whole.  

In this transformation of thoughts and habits our perception of reality is transformed and this can bring our experience to a completely different level.

Two people can share the same outer circumstances and have a completely different experience because of their individual perspectives.

In our lives we spend so much energy in trying to improve our outer factors and we give far too little importance in shifting our internal factors that determine our point of view and how we perceive the world.

When we become able to perceive and operate directly from the energy level of reality, we will be able to face issues at an energy level first, and then operate at the other levels with less restrictions.


To transform our energy field is fundamental to recognize that:

We are not our character

 Our field is composed by all the things we have accepted as ourselves, and we are so identified with those qualities that changing them is very difficult. But when we realize that those are just attributes that we can take and leave then great transformation becomes possible for us.


So, if we are not our character then what are we?


The practice of Qi Gong allows us to connect with and explore more fundamental and essential levels of our field.

Looking inside we realize that we are more like a container than a content, more like the space where our attributes manifest on than the attributes themselves, like an openness, unlimited and undefined.

The more we enter inside of this space the more we start realizing its richness, and its qualities: its presence, its wisdom, its clarity, its love.

Sinking in the exploration of our true nature we are able to release the knots in our personality that we have been holding on to and our inner self becomes more and more able to manifest on the outside.


This transformation is a gradual process and the practice of qi gong is just one of the many instruments that can help us on our path.



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