Giulio Saltelli

Giulio Saltelli is a teacher of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Daoist Meditation methods. Studied for three years under Master Du Song Feng (Li Shifu) at Five Immortals Temple in Wudang, China where he also worked for two years as an instructor and Chinese/English translator. In 2015 he founded Wudang Tian Ma and dedicated to teaching workshops and retreats about Daoist arts and spiritual practice.

Giulio Saltelli

What is Qi Gong?

Qi gong (which can be translated as: energy work or energy skill) is an ancient Chinese practice that uses our breath, movements with the body and visualization techniques to actively work with our energy field. But what does energy work actually mean? For this we need to talk first about our energy field. Our field…

Truth as contraddiction

“The small intelligence discriminates, the great intelligence comprehends”. Zhuang Zi, chapter second, on the equality of all things. One aspect that allways fascinated me since young age was the contraddictions in philosophy and in moral that made the truth always ungraspable by simple and clear affirmations. I always have felt very attracted towards relativistic philosophies…

Meditation Methods Map

There are countless types of meditations from all different parts of the world and spiritual traditions. In this work we are going to attempt to classify some basic categories for the different types of meditation. All the mediation methods, with different degree of efficiency, build some qualities that are useful in the journey of realization….

Testimony june 2017

Towards the end of year 2016 I came back from China and moved into Barcelona to start my experience as Wudang Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor. After those years in the temple the process of returning to the city has been an interesting and fruitful experience. Here in Barcelona I met a new set…