Month: May 2020

What is Qi Gong?

Qi gong (which can be translated as: energy work or energy skill) is an ancient Chinese practice that uses our breath, movements with the body and visualization techniques to actively work with our energy field.But what does energy work actually mean? For this we need to talk first about our energy field.Our field is an…

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How to improve your relationships with QI GONG ?

How to cultivate healthy and enriching relations with others? The practice of Qi Gong can be a great tool to help us individuate the negative patterns in our relationships that drain our energy and limit our growth.With this knowledge, we can understand the lessons that are hidden behind our conflicts and use them as a…

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How can working with energy change your life?

I remember when I was 18, I started to practice tai chi and in the first classes and, doing standing meditation posture, I could feel for the first time the feeling of magnetic force between my hands. This blew me away because it was not just an idea that people speak about but it is…

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