Our practices

”Ten Thousand Methods return to the Dao.”

Daoist arts are rich and diverse: from martial arts to medicine, form the study of scriptures to the practice of stillness, from music to divination.

Each one of these arts is a path (Dao) to return.

Tai Chi (or Tai ji) is an ancient practice that combines energy exercises (Qi Gong) with martial techniques.
The name Tai Chi refers to the Taoist Cosmology and can be translated approximately as “supreme unity”, the stage of creation where everything exists in unity.
The Tai Chi Quan expresses this principle in all its aspects, from the most superficial to the deepest.
It unites harmoniously meditation, energetic practices, martial practices, and health.
The exercises are characterized by slow, constant, and relaxed movements, like water that flows and never stops, and on the other hand by low postures and techniques to increase the inner strength.
With relaxation and coordination, it is possible to remove physical and energical obstructions, open the flow of the meridians and eliminate the root of illnesses.
In this way, Tai Chi practices at the same time at the level of the body, of the energy, and of the spirit, which are seen as different expressions of the same vital force that animates the universe.

Qi Gong ( or Chi Kung in Spanish) is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to cure and prevent disease, calm the mind, and learn to consciously control the energies of our body and nature.
The name “Qi Gong” is a historically new name and was used to define in a single word the great variety of Chinese energy practices.
The exercises we will practice in our class are a combination of postures, and static and dynamic standing meditation.
These meditative practices include and combine breathing, relaxation, stretching, exercises to strengthen the body and to control the energy.
They are based on the theories of Yin and Yang, on ancient medicine and as well on Taoist principles, philosophy and practices.
For this reason, in addition to healing and strengthening the body, these practices also aim to cultivate the character and connect with the high wisdom to open new doors to the understanding of ourselves and of the universe.

“The Supreme Medicine has three distinctions:
Ching [essence], Qi [vitality]. and Shen [spirit],
Which are elusive and obscure.

Keep to nonbeing, yet hold on to being.
And perfection is yours in an instant.

The sages awaken through self-cultivation;
Deep, profound, their practices require great effort.

Fulfilling vows illumines the Heavens.”

– The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic.

Spirit Arts

Spirit Arts project has the purpose of opening the possibility for anyone to study the ancient Daoist Arts and to explore the deep transforming power of these methods in a genuine way.

This includes healing arts, self refinement and cultivation methods, energy work, and martial arts which come form the Dragon Gate Daoist lineage form the Five Immortals Temple in Wudang.

We believe that those ancient philosophies and methods can be especially valuable in this times when humanity is being challenged to rethinking itself and to search for new ways to live more harmoniously with nature and in peace.
It is our greatest ambition to teach/learn with those whom we are destined to meet with the purpose of deepening our connection to the source and of empowering each other for the pursuit of our true path.

“I believe deeply that we live in a great era of transformations of mankind wich final effects we cannot yet imagine. This hope is what brought me on my path and gave me strength ever since.

My passion is the magic of exploring the mysteries of the self and of the universe. It is this passion I found in spiritual practice that brings me back to the freedom and joy of my childhood.”


Giulio Saltelli is a teacher of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Daoist Meditation methods.

Studied for three years under Master Du Song Feng (Li Shifu) at Five Immortals Temple in Wudang, China where he also worked for two years as an instructor and Chinese/English translator.

He was taught karate from his father since the age of five and started the practice of Tai Chi Chuan and sitting meditation at the age of 18. His first contact with the Wudang mountains was the age of 19 on his first trip to China when he studied for one year from different kung fu academies and teachers before encountering his master at the Five Immortals.

In 2015 he founded Wudang Tian Ma and dedicated to teaching workshops and retreats about Daoist arts and spiritual practice.

Five Immortals Temple

Five Immortals Temple is a small and secluded place in the Wudang Mountains of China, welcoming all who seek to shape themselves in the Taoist Arts.

Come study under the guidance of Abbot Li Song Feng (Li Shifu). Experience the Taoist lifestyle and worldview.

Taoism and Martial Arts Courses are offered throughout the year on scriptures, ceremonies, Traditional Taoist Medicine and healing, internal martial arts, Wudang Qigong, Wudang Tai Chi, Wudang Sword and more.



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