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Private Sessions

In these sessions Giulio will teach you in a personalized way to accelerate both your progress in the practice of energy work and in your personal growth. 
This includes coaching regarding all areas of life including: health, relations, sexuality, sleep/dreams, work, with the purpose of manifesting a more aligned and empowered life that allows a greater expression of your true potential. 
These sessions are available in English, Spanish and Italian. 


40 per session
  • A personal 1h coaching session

Online Group Classes

Every Tuesday
  • 7.00 pm
  • Giulio
  • at home

Every Tuesday

Qi Gong class | On Zoom | English

Every Sunday
  • 10.30 am
  • Giulio
  • at home

Every Sunday

Qi Gong class | On Zoom | Italian


30 per month
  • Free first class
  • 4 classes per months

Qi Gong Formation

This program is designed to build your Qi Gong practice starting with a solid foundation and progresses all the way to advanced energy work!

The program consists of seven classes. Each class contains practices for one week, with each class this content will be upgraded in a progressive way allowing you to grow gradually integrating each aspect of the practice.

Minutes average per day
The practice will be divided in 3 parts:

The first two parts constitute the 15 – 30 minutes of formal practice, the third part will give you elements to focus on throughout your day.

In this way it is possible to grow consistently in Qi Gong and to integrate it in your life in an environment that allows limited time for formal practice.

You can buy the formation for your personal use and practice by yourself.
The next group session will started soon…


I am beginner of qi gong. This 7 weeks formation was a journey of self dicipline, self care and to perceive reality in a different and deeper level.
Each lesson was explained in detail and Giulio’s skills and love made this training true, mystical and clear.
We have created a solid base to build a solid structure.
Thank you for sharing this knowledge.


Giulio is a magnificent Qigong master who helps his students to improve the movements of each session by offering very clear and simple guidelines to perfom and also to get to know themselves better through working with energy and self-observation of emotions from the spontainety of being. Besides that, he shows a great sensitivity for practice and for the coaching of each of his students.


Topics of the 7 classes

Price & Contact

Qi Gong Formation

  • 7 classes for 7 weeks
  • 2 bonus videos
  • Document with notes about the class
  • WhatsApp group
  • Zoom session every week

Also, Giulio will be available to answer personal questions during the whole length of the course.

  • On Facebook

    Spirit Arts Academy

  • By Whatsapp

    +34 605 468 875

Meditation Program

The 21 days meditation program is designed as a tool to strengthen your connection with your inner guide with 21 guided meditations.

Those are devided in 3 sets of seven meditations:

Also you will have for free 21 healthy and delicious vegan recepies so that you can experiment with new ways to nourish yourself.


42 For the ones who have already attended
a retreat or the online formation
  • 21 days meditation
  • 3 sets of 7 meditations
  • 21 healthy and delicious vegan recepies

During the 21 days Giulio will be available for you to answer questions about your practice.

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